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To make a publication stand out in the daily flood of information and to catch the attention of its target audience is now more important than ever. With our effective PR strategies, precise marketing, and efficient distribution and sales we constantly strive to enhance the visibility of our publications.

Title and Preview Editing

The course for a book’s optimum visibility is set very early during the publication process, when developing a book’s title, cover, and blurb. Our experienced title and preview editors offer their advice on the formulation of a suitable title for your work and develop suitable blurbs and promotional materials with you.

Preview, Brochures, Flyers, and BookCards

Our high-quality advertising materials – our biannual seasonal catalogues, leaflets, and attractive flyers and BookCards – put the spotlight on your title.

Seasonal Catalogue

Our seasonal catalogue is released twice a year and presents all new titles of the upcoming season. Although the catalogue is addressed primarily at the book trade, it is also dispatched to important contacts such as journalists, reviewers, foundations, libraries, etc. as well as a number of transcript authors. The announcement in the front list section of the catalogue is your title’s entry into the market and thus the foundation for the success of your publication.

Leaflets / "New and Recent"-Leaflet

Apart from our subject specific leaflets we also prepare a New and Recent"-leaflet dedicated exclusively to our growing number of English-language books. It is released once a year and presents the latest English-language titles ordered by subject area.

The leaflets are used to advertise transcript publications at conferences and fairs but are also sent to research institutions, the book trade, and customers.


Our subject and series flyers present the latest trends within our list. They are dispatched with ordered items, enclosed in conference portfolios, and presented at bookstalls or by our series editors.


We create a BookCard for each of our titles. These four-colour advertising postcards contain all the necessary information about a new release and help our authors spread the word in their networks about their publication.

Digital Channels

In addition to the classic, printed PR material, we invest heavily in digital media and networking to present our publications. Our bilingual website has almost 200,000 visitors every month and is complemented by our daily social media activities and our monthly newsletter, which comprehensively informs our contacts in academia, the press, the library markets, etc.


Every transcript title is presented extensively on our website. Besides viewing the cover and reading the blurb, users can download an extract and an advanced information sheet as well as view the author bio and – if available – reviews, media responses, author interviews and other news concerning the publication.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like have gained great significance over the last years. Our accounts on the social web inform followers about new releases, events, and interesting facts about our work and allow us to stay in touch with our authors, readers, and partner institutions.

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Thanks to our extensive and diverse database of customers, authors, and media contacts our newsletter, which compiles all recently published books both in German and English, reaches almost 100,000 people in academia, media, politics, and civil society every month.

Through our newsletter we also regularly inform subject librarians and specialist retailers about relevant new releases in their respective areas and disciplines of interest.

Reviews and Advertisements

transcript maintains an extensive network of reviewers and journalists who regularly request our titles. Moreover, we present our new releases through adverts in our in-house PR materials and in third-party media.


For each title we send out at least 20 review copies, both speculatively and on request, and we encourage our authors to supply us with lists of potential reviewers. We collect excerpts from reviews on the respective title’s book page on our website and, if appropriate, use them to promote the title via our social media presence.


Besides advertising our publications in our print leaflets and through our digital channels, we promote our books through adverts in related titles from our list, i.e. from the same academic discipline or from within the same book series.

We regularly co-operate with a number of external media partners by placing adverts in return for promoting their content. Paid-for adverts for your publication in specialist magazines or on relevant web portals are possible under certain circumstances. If you have the opportunity to place an advert for your book in a specific medium (perhaps in return for an advert in a transcript publication), please let us know – we gladly support you in this endeavour.

Conferences, Events, Book Launches

We regularly visit and exhibit our publications at academic conferences and workshops and/or support our authors in their endeavour to present their books at such events.

Every year we attend Frankfurt Book Fair and present our new releases of the spring and autumn season at our stall. We also present a selection of our new titles and our leaflets and brochures at the stall of our distribution partner PROLIT at the annual Leipzig Book Fair.

Internationally, you will find us at a number of larger US-conferences such as the annual meetings of the International Studies Association (ISA) and the Association of American Geographers (AAG); and at many subject specific conferences in the UK and across Europe at various locations, e.g. at the annual meeting of the Political Studies Association (PSA), at the Historical Materialism conference in London, and the European and British offshoots of the ISA events.

Book launches: We are happy to support authors who organize a launch for their book as best we can, e.g. with announcements in our own media channels, through advertising, or through the supplying of copies that can be sold on commission.

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