Our Open Access Models

Open Access with transcript

You can find all the details of our comprehensive service package under Our Open Access Services.

Gold Open Access

The e-book edition is published simultaneously with the print edition under a CC licence that can be selected by the authors. It is comprehensively enriched with metadata, actively promoted by our marketing department and made available via our worldwide digital distribution network. Its permanent findability and availability are guaranteed.

Green Open Access

The e-book edition is initially published as a paid version and only made Open Access after a so-called ‘embargo period’ has expired. Embargo periods of 12 or 24 months are common. The costs incurred vary depending on the length of the period.

Once the embargo period has expired, the e-book is removed from commercial distribution structures and made available again with a modified licence, which can only be done at the next turn of the year.

Our usage data prove that even a delayed Open Access publication still has a positive effect on its reach and reception.

What is the difference between archiving a raw version on a repository and Open Access with transcript?

In OA publishing with transcript, the content can be clearly located and cited in its final version under an ISBN number and by a DOI number (even at chapter level). As part of the transcript programme, the OA edition benefits fully from our marketing and distribution services, our digital network and our continuously developing OA infrastructures.


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