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We welcome the continuing trend towards Open Access content in academic publishing and aim to help shape the Open Access future. Our Open Access Library has been growing continuously due to our strong commitment to the idea and the latest available technologies.

We aim to balance the interests of all parties involved in the publication process with view to create a new publishing culture that bridges the gap between the traditional values of book making and the innovations of the 21st century. This culture is a special concern of ours: we believe that academic Open Access publishing is more than the processing of data and the filling of archives and repositories.

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Our Open Access Model

We support the idea to make academic publications accessible to as many readers as possible and therefore give all our authors the option to make the digital edition of their book available under a gold open access license, i.e. to make the e-book available free of charge at the same time as the print version.

Not only do our Open Access e-books match the technical standards of our non-OA e-books, they also receive the same active marketing and distribution treatment as their counterparts. They are assigned an ISBN and a DOI, they are presented in our newsletters, our catalogues and on our website, and they find their way to international (online) retailers via all our usual distribution channels.

Furthermore, through additional features such as full text indexing and abstracting, transcript guarantees an excellent online discoverability for all its publications. Thanks to our partnerships with library distributors and discovery services (e.g. Primo Central Index, EBSCO Discovery, ProQuest, ExLibris, OCLC, and BASE), both our Open Access titles and our chargeable e-books are equally indexed and fed into the global library catalogue system. Especially for free content it is important to be situated within an academic environment of the highest standard. Thanks to our co-operations with notable academic publishers, the electronic editions of our publications are available on the platforms De Gruyter Online and De Gruyter Open alongside other high-class publications from renowned international presses.

We actively promote the dissemination of freely accessible scholarly content by integrating our lists into relevant open access networks such as the OAPEN Foundation and Knowledge Unlatched.

Our user statistics prove the success of our proactive Open Access strategy: we offer our authors the greatest possible transparency regarding the effectiveness of our marketing activities and of our distribution infrastructure.

Licensing and Self-archiving

In order to protect our authors’ copyright, we usually publish our Open Access titles under the Creative Commons licence CC BY-NC-ND. This licence allows others to use the work privately if they credit the author but prohibits the work’s commercial use and its modification. If requested, licences with fewer restrictions can be granted under certain circumstances.


Once a publication or chapter has been published in Open Access, authors are free to redistribute the published version of the PDF. A prerequisite for further publication is that the content is labelled with the Creative Commons licence under which the original work was published and that the original source is indicated, i.e. the publication of transcript with a link to the publisher's website or the DOI (Digital Object Identifier).

We also encourage our authors of e-books for which a fee is charged to publish their chapters and articles published with transcript in institutional repositories or via social networks such as Research Gate. Self-archiving is permitted after an embargo of twelve months from the publication of the print edition. Please mention the copyright information of the source [Example: Last name, first name: chapter, in: first name last name (ed.), title of the collection of essays, page reference. © transcript Verlag (year of publication)] and refer to the product page of the publication in the transcript webshop or to the DOI.

The right to self-archive can only be granted for individual chapters if a paid e-book edition is available at the same time, as the entire e-book is subject to fixed book prices. If you are interested in making your entire work available in Open Access, we will be happy to make you an offer for subsequent Open Access. Please send us an e-mail to

transcript in Open Access Networks

transcript is part of a number of high-profile open access networks such as the OAPEN Foundation and Knowledge Unlatched and is strongly committed to the promotion and distribution of openly accessible academic content.

OAPEN Foundation

We have joined the OAPEN Foundation ( with the aim of ensuring the best possible dissemination not only for chargeable products but also for free academic content. The foundation operates the OAPEN Library and provides quality assurance of collated publications from the humanities and social sciences. Researchers worldwide appreciate the excellent findability in OAPEN Library and value its affiliated Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB, www.doabooks.or) as a guarantor of reliable free content. Additionally, OAPEN promotes the dissemination of OA contents and makes them globally available at certain institutions and in many libraries. The indexation of our Open Access e-books in DOAB, a discovery service exclusively for open access publications, maximizes the visibility of our OA list.

As a ‘compliant book publisher’ recognized by OAPEN, we fulfil the Open Access funding requirements of the Austrian research fund FWF, the Wellcome Trust, and the European Research Council. Furthermore, our Open Access publication program complies with the requirements of other funding institutions such as the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF). We will gladly support you in your funding applications to these institutions.

Knowledge Unlatched

As one of the first publishing houses in the German-speaking world, transcript has become part of the innovative open access model set up by the non-profit organization Knowledge Unlatched (KU). Knowledge Unlatched is not only a global initiative that supports Open Access in the humanities but also an innovator of a progressive purchasing system for monographs.

KU connects publishers, libraries, and readers worldwide in a crowdfunding model for high-quality academic works in the humanities. Since 2012, academic publishers have been invited every year to submit English-language scholarly literature to peer review by an international expert panel. The titles chosen by this panel are presented to those libraries all over the world that crowdfund the free provision of these titles – and thus unlatch the knowledge contained therein.

As a result, the chosen publications reach new readerships worldwide. Inclusion in the KU collection and in so-called discovery tools and databases such as the world’s largest bibliographic database WorldCat as well as renowned platforms such as OAPEN Library guarantees the best possible visibility and discoverability. Archiving through the likes of the HathiTrust ensures permanent availability.

Check for further information on Knowledge Unlatched. You can also find past user assessment and statistics of KU books.

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