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In addition to the publication-specific production costs, the publisher incurs overhead costs for, among other things, advising authors, editorial support, marketing and distribution, presentation at trade fairs and conferences, provision and maintenance of the hosting platforms, etc. These are traditionally covered by sales revenues and, depending on the individual sales potential, a subsidy from the author. The amount of the subsidy is determined by the difference between our costs and the expected income from print and e-book sales.

In the OA model, there is an imbalance in coverage due to the lack of e-book revenues, but also due to reduced sales of the printed edition and OA-specific additional expenses. This must be compensated for by an OA fee (also known as the Book Processing Charge, or BPC for short).

How we Calculate Open Access Publications (as of 04/2020*)

(* Our calculations are adjusted annually to match current economic parameters)

The Book Processing Charge lies between 5,100 and 7,500 € per title, depending on the number of pages. This includes all standard services for the realisation of an OA publication. In addition, transcript usually produces a print edition (small print run or print on demand) at no extra cost; the costs incurred for this are financed exclusively through sales revenue.

Optional additional services that can affect costs:

  • individual editing and proofreading services
  • individually requested additional quality control services
  • special administrative expenses (in the case of specific requirements from funding bodies or consortia)
  • Typesetting/layout
  • Image editing
  • special e-book expenses (enriched e-book etc.)

We calculate each book project individually. Please feel free to request your individual OA offer from us.

Financing & Funding

The following funding models for OA are currently the most common:

  • Cost absorption by the author’s institution or department
  • Crowdfunding (e.g. Knowledge Unlatched or the transcript Open Library Political Science)
  • Third-party funding (e.g. from a research grant)
  • Several funding organisations share the costs
  • Contribution by the authors (author-pays model)

More and more research institutions are stipulating that the results of the projects they fund must be published in Open Access. The institutions concerned often have their own OA budgets to which their affiliated researchers have access. It is highly advisable to ask your library whether your institution has a such a budget available in first instance.

We will be happy to advise our authors on the relevant details.

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