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Alexia Bhéreur-Lagounaris
Warning: Not Suitable for Robots
A Human-Centric Game Design Approach
DOI: 10.14361/9783839453292-006
This paper starts with an a priori that, despite the many games we play using objects, the players and the game makers themselves are nevertheless humans with bodies that feel. While this seems obvious, the gaming industry has not properly developed the use of the whole body in the playing experience. To best study this »crime scene« (of why the body has been left immobile), we are going to use Dewey's pragmatic method of inquiry. This practical approach, combined with discoveries by neuroscientists, will help us to understand why the body has been left motionless in the game design processes and how we can revive it. This paper concludes with a hypothesis that promotes what truly makes us human, moving, natural and sensitive beings. The use of us as natural subjects can better facilitate harmonization with our natural ecosystem using embodied and human centric game design as the vector.