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Oliver Hahn, Anna Munkler
Rural Access Denied or Difficult: Foreign News Journalists from Germany Face Obstacles in Reporting about the "Rohingya" Conflict in Myanmar's Northern Rakhine State
DOI: 10.14361/9783839451717-010
In this study Oliver Hahn and Anna Munkler analyse obstacles that foreign news journalists from Germany face in reporting about the so-called »Rohingya« conflict in Myanmar's Northern Rakhine State. This long-lasting dispute between a Muslim population group fighting for recognition as ethnic minority and the central government lead to an outbreak of violence followed by a mass exodus in 2017, in which the role of (parts of) the military remains controversial. This chapter presents the results of a qualitative survey conducted in 2018 among 8 foreign news journalists covering the crisis for German media. The interviewees mention a lack of access to the area, a poor infrastructure in rural areas, a restrictive visa policy, a non-existent clear governmental information and strategic communication policy and a worsening security situation for journalists in Myanmar. As a consequence, they see and, to a certain degree, even accept a lack of neutrality in international news reporting.