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André Czauderna
Tinkering with Political Utopias and Dystopias in DEMOCRACY 3. An Educational Perspective
DOI: 10.14361/9783839450505-003
The article looks at the possibility of tinkering with political utopias and dystopias in the turn-based political simulation DEMOCRACY 3. Political utopias are understood as coherent sets of political ideas and/or policies following a particular theory of justice, such as political philosophies, political ideologies, or manifestos from political parties. Political dystopias refer to political utopias that do not suit the player's ideological standpoint or that went objectively wrong in the practice of playing. In this sense, playing DEMOCRACY 3 is read as applied political philosophy which might be utilized in political education. The contribution reconstructs the game's implicit learning possibilities and exemplifies observable learning processes, which become visible in »affinity spaces« around the game, for example, on platforms such as YouTube, when players present and discuss their own realizations of utopian or dystopian policies in Let's Play videos.