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Markus Hallensleben
Towards an aesthetics of postmigrant narratives
Moving beyond the politics of territorial belonging in Ilija Trojanow's Nach der Flucht (2017)
DOI: 10.14361/9783839448403-012
Building on investigations of Ilija Trojanow's writings as counter-narratives to nationally centred models of narration, I suggest evaluating his collection of aphorisms, After the Flight (2017), as a critical stance against current politics and societal processes of global (im)mobilities and forced migration. At times, when »great importance is attached to the principle of asylum but enormous efforts are made to ensure that refugees (and others with less pressing claims) never reach the territory of the state where they could receive its protection« (Gibney), Trojanow aims for an acceptance of exile and migration as inherent social movements of a pluralised world.