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Joost van Beek
Promising Prospects, and the Hurdles Along the Way: Sharing and Archiving Community Media Content Online
DOI: 10.14361/9783839439135-020
Joost van Beek lays out how community media share and archive programming online in a chapter that tackles a poignant dilemma: why does a grassroots media sector that should be particularly well equipped to take on the challenges of collaborative digital platforms still struggle to make optimal use of their opportunities to provide easy and durable access to content? Community radio and TV stations produce an extraordinary range of politically, culturally and artistically valuable content, and their focus on community building and bottom-up production models means they can draw especially pronounced benefits from the increased sophistication of interactive platforms for making content accessible and searchable and securing its preservation. Drawing on interviews and research conducted in the EU-funded project Captcha: Creative Approaches to Living Cultural Archives, this chapter highlights inspiring examples of best practice from across Europe. But it also rings the alarm bell about how the sector-specific obstacles it explores mean that legacies which represent not only an individual station's history, but that of whole communities, are at risk of being lost forever.