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David Ferreiro Carballo
The National Society of Music (1915–1922) and the Ambivalent Democratization of Music in Spain
DOI: 10.14361/9783839456576-004
The Spanish National Society of Music was founded in 1915 with a double objective: first, to define, once and for all, the musical identity of the country; and second, to create a space where composers and musicians could develop their artistic careers. In this sense, both the society's self-denomination as »national,« and its apparent integrating nature suggest a clear attempt to democratize Spanish music. However, the present paper shows that the reality was completely different. Yet, by analyzing the society's internal ideology, by describing its policy for selecting the repertoire of the concerts, and by examining its actual social impact, David Ferreiro Carballo demonstrates that the National Society of Music was a non-democratic institution with an elitist understanding of the art. This reality strongly contrasts its typically idealized conception and will allow the reader to understand its disappearance in 1922, after only seven seasons of activity.