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Nina Käsehage
Towards a Covid-Jihad – Millennialism in the field of Jihadism
DOI: 10.14361/9783839454855-004
Since the appearance of Covid-19, various jihadist voices from the environment of the former Islamic State (IS) emerged and invoked their previous combat fellows to resume the battle towards the »disbelievers«. This article discusses how they see »divine signs« visualized by the pandemic: the »just punishment« for those who have not been true believers. Furthermore, it describes in which manner the narrative of the final battle between the »good« and the »evil«, a well-known concept in the field of millennialism, is used to recruit adherents for a Covid-Jihad. A discussion of the elements of religious fundamentalism, especially in view of its millennialist and apocalyptic elements, is supposed to highlight possible points of reference regarding a deconstruction of the jihadist misuse of the pandemic.