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Elisa Carandina
"A sort of strange beginning out of time"
Comfort as an Involuntary Cultural Memory
DOI: 10.14361/9783839449028-004
The chapter explores a new notion of comfort with respect to repetition and memory. This new approach is based on a definition of comfort as an involuntary cultural memory. In the first sections, this new perspective about comfort is fully developed regarding its repetition dynamic with respect to both personal and cultural memory. Focusing then on the literary implications of this definition, the dynamic of comfort defined as such is used in relation to narrative forms. More precisely, comfort as involuntary cultural memory is contextualized with reference to Leah Goldberg's Diary leading to an exploration of comfort and the narrativization of the self. The »sort of strange beginning out of time« that defines Goldberg's experience in the pages of her diary is also developed with reference to the poetic version of these days. Comfort, as involuntary cultural memory, describes then a personal and literary attempt to escape time, to bring back the possibility of a past and of a future that are both lost, to flee reality and time. However, reality and time keep coming back, and the only achieved flight is the one towards the self.