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Lizzie Stewart
"The cultural capital of postmigrants is enormous"
Postmigration in theatre as label and lens
DOI: 10.14361/9783839448403-006
Lizzie Stewart argues here for a step back from more celebratory discussions of the term 'postmigration' as lens and for critical attention to its role as label. She brings critical perspectives on the 'brand value' of postcolonialism, and on »the rationalizing/racializing logic of capital« (Saha 2018) in the cultural industries, into conversation with a detailed discussion of branding and formatting practices at three theatres in Germany: Ballhaus Naunynstraße; Gorki; Schauspiel Cologne. Entanglements of artist activism with production of culture in a capitalist context provide important lessons and models for the developing usage of the term postmigration in the academic sphere.