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Simone Pfeifer
Circulating Family Images
Doing Fieldwork and Artwork with/about Family
DOI: 10.14361/9783839448311-005
In her contribution Simone Pfeifer reflects on the experiences of doing fieldwork with and without a non-anthropological partner and child in Dakar and Berlin. Inquiring into transnational media practices, she contrasts her own making and circulation of family images, including the use of Skype, with that of her interlocutors. Through this she demonstrates how notions of transnational families are constructed and shaped not only by global image practices but also by varying ideologies of what a family is or should be. In an artistic-anthropological collaboration with her partner resulting in a photo-installation and photo-collages, both relate to shared experiences and dynamics of fieldwork and the mediated presence and absence of close family members in transnational everyday life and anthropological research.