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Christina Jordan
'Party at the Palace': Popular Cultural Celebrations in the Context of Queen Elizabeth II's Golden and Diamond Jubilee
DOI: 10.14361/9783839445839-013
Christina Jordan's contribution discusses the forms and functions of popular cultural aspects of British royal events in the 21st century regarding their significance for modernizing the contemporary monarchy's public image. The case study focuses on the pop and rock concerts performed on the occasion of Elizabeth II's Golden and Diamond Jubilee (2002 and 2012). A special emphasis is put on questions concerning the choice of music and artists, the utilization of architectural landmarks such as Buckingham Palace for the staging of the concerts, and the particular roles different members of the royal family embody next to the celebrities performing on stage. It is shown how these events work as a vital way to renegotiate and update the monarchy's public image by adding new dimensions to their cultural work in the 21st century. The article argues that the conscious incorporation of popular cultural aspects in large-scale royal celebrations constitute a new generation of »invented royal traditions.«