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Marie-Theres Stickel
Long May He (Not) Reign? Literary Depictions of a 'Meddling' Future Monarch. Prince Charles in Mike Bartlett's Play King Charles III (2014) and in Catherine Mayer's Biography Charles: The Heart of a King (2015)
DOI: 10.14361/9783839445839-009
In her contribution to this volume, Marie-Theres Stickel discusses the question of how literary works may shape the public perception of a royal figurehead. She scrutinizes how Mike Bartlett's play King Charles III (2014) and Catherine Mayer's biography Charles: The Heart of a King (2015) represent Prince Charles' struggle with the political neutrality expected of the heir apparent. As both works toy with the idea of an outspoken (future) king meddling with political matters, Stickel's article elaborates on the evaluation of Charles' activist stance. Her literary studies perspective reveals how the works use their respective generic qualities to not only portray the heir, but also to imagine the future king and thus to contribute to political debates surrounding the monarchy.