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Jacob Kreutzfeldt
Radiophonic Cities The City Portrait in Transnational Radio Collaborations
DOI: 10.14361/9783839439135-013
The radiophonic city portrait has been a prominent genre in transnational radio exchanges. Through various impulses from the cinema, avantgarde art and news reporting, the city became a motive of national display and scenery for transnational radio encounters already by the early 1930s, where broadcasters collaborated on producing and simultaneously transmitting portraits of capitals. With the establishment of EBU Ars Acoustica and particularly through the Metropolis series facilitated by WDR in the 1980es the genre resurfaced and reconnected to early avantgarde experiments. The chapter presents a model for analysing the genre drawing from two case studies: Exchanges in the Nordic Realm in the 1930s, and the Metropolic city portraits, initiated by Klaus Schöning and produced for Studio Akustische Kunst at WDR Cologne in the 1980s.