Daniela van Geenen

Daniela van Geenen is a PhD-candidate at the DFG Locating Media Graduate School (University of Siegen). She investigates »critical technical practice« in the context of sensor-based technologies and sensing infrastructures locating, making accessible, and governing everyday life, urban spaces, and practices. She is also a lecturer in data journalistic practice and data visualization at the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. Her research interests include critical data and software studies, digital methods, and tool criticism.

transcript-Publications in the Research Fields: Digital and Social Media, Media Studies

Publications in the Series: Media in Action

Web: Mediacoop Uni Siegen
Twitter mediaofcooperation
Uni Siegen


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Interrogating Datafication
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Interrogating Datafication

Towards a Praxeology of Data

Making sense of digital societies implies studying mundane data practices: how they originated, the forms they take, and how they shape the future.

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