Avi Sharma


Avi Sharma is a senior research fellow and assistant professor at the Center for Metropolitan Studies at the Technische Universität Berlin. Sharma is particularly interested in irregular migration, urban and environmental histories. His ongoing work explores urban cases in postwar Germany and post-Partition South Asia.

transcript-Publications in the Research Fields: Sociology, Urban and Spatial Sociology

Publications in the Series: Urban Studies

Web: Metropolitan Studies


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Urban Resilience in a Global Context
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Urban Resilience in a Global Context

Actors, Narratives, and Temporalities

This volume explores the past and present of urban resilience to understand its potential to create a more sustainable, inclusive, and secure future.

Book Chapter

  1. Urban Resilience in a Global Context


    Seiten 1 - 4
  2. Contents

    Seiten 5 - 6
  3. Acknowledgements

    Seiten 7 - 8
  4. Contesting Resilience

    Seiten 11 - 32
  5. Before 'Resilience'

    Seiten 101 - 126
  6. Author Bios

    Seiten 217 - 224

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