Yola Schmitz

Yola Schmitz is a member of the International Doctoral Program MIMESIS at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich.

transcript-Publications in the Research Fields: Cultural History, Cultural Studies

Publications in the Series: Culture & Theory

Web: www.mimesis-doc.uni-muenchen.de


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Faking, Forging, Counterfeiting
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Faking, Forging, Counterfeiting

Discredited Practices at the Margins of Mimesis

Forgeries are an omnipresent part of our culture. The contributions focus on such different implementations such as faked traditions, imposters, identity theft and hoaxes in different contexts. They scrutinize the bonds and borders between original and forgery, and turn out their epistemic capability.

Book Chapter

  1. Faking, Forging, Counterfeiting


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  2. Table of Contents

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  3. Faked Translations

    Seiten 167 - 180
  4. Contributors

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  5. Illustration Credits

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