Wolfgang Schäffner

Wolfgang Schäffner (Prof. Dr. phil.), born 1961, is Director of the Hermann von Helmholtz-Zentrum für Kulturtechnik at the Humboldt University of Berlin and speaker of the Cluster of Excellence Image Knowledge Gestaltung. An Interdisciplinary Laboratory at Humboldt University of Berlin.

transcript-Publications in the Research Fields: Architecture and Design, Art and Visual Studies, Design, Philosophy, Philosophy of Science, Technology and Nature, Sociology, Sociology of Science, Technology, and Environment, Visual Theory

Publications in the Series: Science Studies

Web: HU Berlin


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On Folding
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On Folding

Towards a New Field of Interdisciplinary Research

Folding offers new ways to think about the relationship of matter, form and code. This anthology inaugurates a new interdisciplinary field under this conceptual turn.

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