Julia Roth

Julia Roth (Prof. Dr.) is a professor for American Studies with a focus on Gender Studies at Bielefeld University. She was post-doc of the BMBF-sponsored research networks »desi-guALdades.net« at Freie Universität Berlin and »The Americas as Space of Entanglements« at Bielefeld University, lecturer at Humboldt University Berlin, Potsdam University and the Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico. Her research focuses on intersectionality, citizenship, gender and global inequalities, right-wing populism, as well as gender and social movements in transnational contexts with focus on the Americas.

transcript-Publications in the Research Fields: Cultural Studies, Gender and Queer Studies, Gender in Cultural and Media Studies, Gender in Social Sciences, Gender Studies and Queer Studies

Publications in the Series: Gender Studies


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Right-Wing Populism and Gender
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Right-Wing Populism and Gender

European Perspectives and Beyond

Analyzing case studies from a variety of contexts, the volume claims gender to be a crucial dimension of right-wing populist discourse and thus promotes a gender perspective for research on right-wing populism.

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