Tanja Pommerening


Tanja Pommerening (Prof. Dr.) holds degrees in Egyptology, pharmacy and history of sciences. She has been a professor of Egyptology at the University of Mainz since 2010. Since 2013, she has been spokeswoman of the research training group Early Concepts of Humans and Nature. Universal, Specific, Interchanged. In addition to the overarching questions of universals, cultural specificities and knowledge transfer, her research focuses on the language and culture of Ancient Egypt, ancient Egyptian medicine and science, and the histoory of knowledge.

transcript-Publications in the Research Fields: Cultural History, History

Publications in the Series: Mainz Historical Cultural Sciences

Web: RTG 1876 "Early Concepts of Man and Nature"
Uni Mainz


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Finding, Inheriting or Borrowing?
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Finding, Inheriting or Borrowing?

The Construction and Transfer of Knowledge in Antiquity and the Middle Ages

This volume offers a multidisciplinary approach to the question of the construction and transfer of knowledge about man and nature in Antiquity and the Middle Ages.

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