Rebecca Mertens

Rebecca Mertens (PhD), born in 1984, is a postdoctoral researcher in the history and philosophy of science at Bielefeld University. She works on the role of analogies, models and forms of comparison in the history of molecular genetics and is a member of the collaborative research program »Practices of Comparison: Ordering and Changing the World«.

transcript-Publications in the Research Fields: History, History of Science and Technology

Publications in the Series: Science Studies

Web: Uni Bielefeld


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The Construction of Analogy-Based Research Programs
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The Construction of Analogy-Based Research Programs

The Lock-and-Key Analogy in 20th Century Biochemistry

By reconstructing the history of the lock-and-key analogy in fields of biochemistry and molecular biology, this book reveals new aspects of the mutual interactions between analogy usage, model building and research development.

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