Curtis L. Maughan

Curtis L. Maughan is a PhD candidate in the Department of German, Russian and East European Studies at Vanderbilt University. From 2016-2019, Curtis managed the Master's program in Game Development and Research at the Cologne Game Lab. His research interests include surveillance and interactivity, narratology and digital games, and the novellas of Thomas Mann and Heinrich von Kleist. His dissertation project examines flanerie in the context of open world gameplay trends and game design practices.

transcript-Publications in the Research Fields: Digital and Social Media, Media Studies

Publications in the Series: Studies of Digital Media Culture

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Violence | Perception | Video Games
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Violence | Perception | Video Games

New Directions in Game Research

This anthology compiles papers presented at the two first editions of the Young Academics Workshop of the Clash of Realities conference: Perceiving Video Games (2017) and Reframing the Violence and Video Games Debate (2018).

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  1. Violence | Perception | Video Games


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  3. Introduction

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