Silvia Matuk

Silvia Matuk (Dipl.-Ing.) is co-director of GLOBUS and worked in housing reconstruction after the civil war in El Salvador.

transcript-Publications in the Research Fields: Sociology, Urban and Spatial Sociology

Publications in the Series: Urban Studies


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Community-Based Urban Violence Prevention
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Community-Based Urban Violence Prevention

Innovative Approaches in Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Arab Region

Urban violence has become a major threat in most world cities. This book is about innovative prevention strategies by resident communities in Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Arabic region.

Book Chapter

  1. Community-Based Urban Violence Prevention


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  2. Contents

    Seiten 5 - 6
  3. Introduction

    Seiten 6 - 23
  4. The Contributors

    Seiten 307 - 314

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