Ulrike Kuch

Ulrike Kuch, born 1979, works as research assistant at the faculty of Architecture and Urbanism at Bauhaus-University Weimar with specialization in theory and history of architecture. Ulrike Kuch studied Architecture in Weimar, Helsinki and Berlin and earned her doctorate in 2014 from the faculty of Media at Bauhaus-University. Her main research areas include architecture as image, phenomenology of architecture, architecture and film and Bauhaus and film. In 2016, the "Lehrpreis" of Bauhaus-University was awarded to her. Besides her research and teaching in Weimar Ulrike Kuch works as freelancer at Bauhaus-Archiv/Museum für Gestaltung in Berlin.

transcript-Publications in the Research Fields: Architecture, Architecture and Design, Art and Visual Studies, Visual Theory

Publications in the Series: ArchitekturDenken/Architecture Theory and Aesthetics

Web: www.das-diaphane.de
Universität Weimar


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  1. Das Diaphane


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  2. Inhalt

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  3. Luisa Lambri I

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  4. Im Zwischenreich der Architektur. Einleitung

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  5. Luisa Lambri II

    Seiten 55 - 59
  6. Luisa Lambri III

    Seiten 181 - 184
  7. Bibliographie

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  8. Abbildungsverzeichnis nach Bildnummer

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  9. Register

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  10. AutorInnen

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