Cordula Kropp


Cordula Kropp (Dr. phil), born 1966, holds a Chair of Sociology at the University of Stuttgart with a focus on risk and technology studies. Her work focuses on research for sustainable development and the investigation of socio-technical transformation processes as expressions and drivers of reflexive modernization.

transcript-Publications in the Research Fields: Essays, Essays, Political Science, Politics, Sociological Theory, Sociology, Sociology of Science, Technology, and Environment

Publications in the Series: Politik in der digitalen Gesellschaft, Sociology

Web: ZIRIUS – Uni Stuttgart


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Futures of Modernity
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Futures of Modernity

Challenges for Cosmopolitical Thought and Practice

Today, global modernities interact on local grounds: a process calling for reflexive cosmopolitanism in both societies and social sciences. Prominent critical thinkers face the challenges of our time.

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