Gerdien Jonker

Gerdien Jonker (PhD), born in 1951, is a historian of religion. She enquires into the collective memory of migration society with a focus on Jews and Muslims in Germany.

transcript-Publications in the Research Fields: Cultural Studies, Cultural Studies, Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, European Ethnology, Islamic Studies, Islamic Studies, Religious Studies, Religious Studies, Sociology, Urban and Spatial Sociology

Publications in the Series: global local Islam, Urban Studies

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Politics of Visibility
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Politics of Visibility

Young Muslims in European Public Spaces

This book takes into view a large variety of Muslim actors who, in recent years, made their entry into the European public sphere. Without excluding the phenomenon of terrorists, it maps the whole field of Muslim visibility. The nine contributions present unpublished ethnographic materials that have been collected between 2003 and 2005. They track down the available space that is open to Muslims in EU member states claiming a visibility of their own. The volume collects male and female, secular and religious, radical and pietistic voices of sometimes very young people. They all speak about »being a Muslim in Europe« and the meaning of »real Islam«.

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