Tara Forrest

Tara Forrest lectures in Screen Studies at the University of Technology, Sydney. She is the author of »The Politics of Imagination: Benjamin, Kracauer, Kluge« (also published by transcript).

transcript-Publications in the Research Fields: Dramatic and Dance Theory, Dramatic Theory, Film, Photo, and Analog Media, Media Studies, Theory of Media

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Realism as Protest
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Realism as Protest

Kluge, Schlingensief, Haneke

This groundbreaking study explores the antagonistic realist aesthetic generated by the experimental work of Kluge, Schlingensief and Haneke.
The Politics of Imagination
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The Politics of Imagination

Benjamin, Kracauer, Kluge

This book explores Walter Benjamin, Siegfried Kracauer and Alexander Kluge's analyses of the role that a rejuvenation in the capacity for imagination can play in encouraging us to reconceive the possibilities of the past, the present, and the future outside of the parameters of the status quo. The concept of imagination to which the title of the book refers is not a strictly defined, stable concept, but rather a term which is employed to refer to a capacity that facilitates both an active, creative relationship to one's environment, and a process of mediation between the outside world and one's own experiences and memories.
Through a detailed analysis of their engagements with subjects that span a broad range of historical and thematic contexts (including topics as diverse as literature, children's play, film, photography, history, and television) the book charts the extent to which the concept of imagination plays a central role in Benjamin, Kracauer, and Kluge's explorations of a mode of perception and experience which could serve as a catalyst for the creation and sustenance of a desire for a different kind of future.

Book Chapter

  1. Weltoffener Humanismus

    On the Significance of Extraterritoriality in Siegfried Kracauer's Writings on Film and History

    Seiten 171 - 184

  2. The Politics of Imagination


    Seiten 1 - 4
  3. Contents

    Seiten 5 - 8
  4. Introduction

    Seiten 9 - 18
  5. Chapter 1: Benjamin, Proust and the Rejuvenating Powers of Memory

    Seiten 21 - 42
  6. Chapter 2: The Politics of Aura and Imagination in Benjamin's Writings on Hashish

    Seiten 43 - 64
  7. Chapter 3: "Reproducibility - Distraction - Politicization"

    Seiten 65 - 86
  8. Chapter 4: "Film as the Discoverer of the Marvels of Everyday Life": Kracauer and the Promise of Realist Cinema

    Seiten 89 - 106
  9. Chapter 5: On the Task of a Realist Historiography in Kracauer's History: The Last Things Before the Last

    Seiten 107 - 124
  10. Chapter 6: From History's Rubble: Kluge on Film, History, and Politics

    Seiten 127 - 148
  11. Chapter 7: Raw Materials for the Imagination: Kluge's Work for Television

    Seiten 149 - 168
  12. Conclusion

    Seiten 169 - 174
  13. Bibliography

    Seiten 175 - 190
  14. Other Works Cited

    Seiten 191 - 192
  15. Acknowledgements

    Seiten 193 - 194

  16. Realism as Protest


    Seiten 1 - 4
  17. Content

    Seiten 5 - 6
  18. Introduction

    Seiten 7 - 10
  19. CHAPTER 1. Subjunctive Realism: Kluge on Film, Politics, and Feelings

    Seiten 11 - 44
  20. CHAPTER 2. Creative Co-Productions: Kluge's Television Experiments

    Seiten 45 - 68
  21. CHAPTER 3. Mobilising the Public Sphere: Schlingensief's Reality Theatre

    Seiten 69 - 94
  22. CHAPTER 4. Productive Discord: Schlingensief, Adorno, and Freakstars 3000

    Seiten 95 - 116
  23. CHAPTER 5. From Information to Experience: Schlingensief's Quiz 3000

    Seiten 117 - 140
  24. CHAPTER 6. A Negative Utopia: Haneke's Fragmentary Cinema

    Seiten 141 - 168
  25. References

    Seiten 169 - 186

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