Denisa Butnaru

Denisa Butnaru (Dr.), born in 1980, is the principal investigator of the project »Deviant Bodies. Extended Bodies«. The project is funded by the German Research Council (DFG) and based at the University of Konstanz. Her major fields of interest include theories of subject and subjectivity in phenomenology, sociology of the body, science and technology studies, disability studies, and qualitative methodology in social sciences. Her research focuses on the transformation of the body by recent technologies, such as exoskeletons, while using the phenomenology of the body as a theoretical background.

transcript-Publications in the Research Fields: Media Aesthetics, Media Studies

Publications in the Series: body cultures

Web: Uni Konstanz


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Medial Bodies between Fiction and Faction
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Medial Bodies between Fiction and Faction

Reinventing Corporeality

This collection investigates corporeal transformations alert to transdisciplinary perspectives, focusing on the understanding of the »medial body« as a transitional environment between fiction and faction.

Book Chapter

  1. Medial Bodies between Fiction and Faction


    Seiten 1 - 4
  2. Contents

    Seiten 5 - 6
  3. Introduction

    Seiten 7 - 18
  4. The Protean Self

    Seiten 147 - 164
  5. List of Authors

    Seiten 263 - 270

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