Tina Büchler


Tina Büchler (Dr.) is a member of the academic staff at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Gender Studies at the University of Bern. Trained as a social and queer geographer, she is currently a project leader in several research projects focusing on migration, asylum, economic precariousness, intersectionality, and human rights. She is also Co-director of the Graduate School Gender Studies, which brings together doctoral students from different disciplines and faculties who adopt a feminist perspective in their dissertations.

transcript-Publications in the Research Fields: Sociology, Sociology of Migration

Publications in the Series: Culture and Social Practice

Web: Uni Bern


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Migration Biographies and Everyday Lives of Queer Migrant Women in Switzerland

An interdisciplinary study of migration biographies and everyday lives of queer migrant women in Switzerland from a queer/postcolonial perspective.

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