Christina von Braun

Christina von Braun is a writer, film maker, and a professor of cultural theory and history. She was nominated full professor at Humboldt-University in 1994. Before, she worked as a free lance writer and film maker in New York, Paris, and Bonn, authoring more than fifty films and many books. She was for many years director of the Dept. of Gender Studies at Humboldt University, and in 2012 became the speaker of the newly established Center for Jewish Studies Berlin-Brandenburg ( Her fields of research comprise: gender, the history of writing, religion and modernity, the history of anti-Semitism. In 2013 she was awarded the Sigmund Freud Prize of the German Psychoanalytical Association. Recent Publications: Christina von Braun, Stille Post. Eine andere Familiengeschichte, Berlin (Propyläen) 2020; Christina von Braun, Blutsbande. Verwandtschaft als Kulturgeschichte, Berlin (Aufbau) 2018; Christina von Braun, Micha Brumlik (Eds.), Handbuch Jüdische Studien, Köln (Böhlau/utb) 2018.

Series Editor: GenderCodes - Transkriptionen zwischen Wissen und Geschlecht

transcript-Publications in the Research Fields: Cultural Studies, Gender and Queer Studies, Gender in Cultural and Media Studies, Gender Studies and Queer Studies, History, History of Science and Technology

Publications in the Series: GenderCodes - Transkriptionen zwischen Wissen und Geschlecht


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