Manfred Berg

Manfred Berg is the Curt Engelhorn Professor of American History at Heidelberg University. He is the author and editor of nineteen books, including The Ticket to Freedom: The NAACP and the Struggle for Black Political Integration (2005); Popular Justice: A History of Lynching in America (2011); Woodrow Wilson. Amerika und die Neuordnung der Welt. Eine Biographie (2017).

transcript-Publications in the Research Fields: Cultural History, Cultural Studies, Cultural Studies, History, Parties, Social Movements, and Civil Society, Political Science

Publications in the Series: American Culture Studies


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Authority and Trust in US Culture and Society
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Authority and Trust in US Culture and Society

Interdisciplinary Approaches and Perspectives

This book explores recent and historical transformations of authority and trust in political institutions, urban spaces, and cultural life to explain their perceived loss of legitimacy in the United States.

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