Frank Adloff


Frank Adloff, born in 1969, is a professor of sociology at Universität Hamburg and the co-director of the Humanities Centre for Advanced Studies »Futures of Sustainability«. His research focuses on social theory, social-ecological transformations, conviviality, and civil society.

transcript-Publications in the Research Fields: Cultural Studies, Cultural Theory, Essays, Essays, Parties, Social Movements, and Civil Society, Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Political Science, Political Sociology and Social Policy, Political Theory, Sociological Theory, Sociology

Publications in the Series: Presence and Tacit Knowledge, X-Texts on Culture and Society

Web: Uni Hamburg


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Revealing Tacit Knowledge
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Revealing Tacit Knowledge

Embodiment and Explication

The contributions in this volume examine how tacit knowledge reveals itself, how it becomes tangible and how it inscribes itself into cultural and social practices. Featuring interviews with Mark Johnson, Theodore Schatzki, and Loïc Wacquant.

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