Sound Studies / Musicology

Bijsterveld, Karin

Karin Bijsterveld is a historian and Professor of Science, Technology and Modern Culture at Maastricht University, Netherlands. Her research focuses on technological cultures of sound. She co-edited the »Oxford Handbook of Sound Studies« (together with...


Schoon, Andi

Andi Schoon, Hochschule der Künste Bern, Switzerland


Schulze, Holger

Holger Schulze (Dr. phil.), geb. 1970, is full professor in musicology at the University of Copenhagen and principal investigator at the Sound Studies Lab. His research focuses on the cultural history of the senses, sound in popular culture and the...


Spehr, Georg

Georg Spehr, Berlin Universität the Arts, Germany


Volmar, Axel

Axel Volmar (PhD), is a research fellow at the Collaborative Research Center »Media of Cooperation« at the University of Siegen. His research focuses on the history of cooperative practices, auditory culture, design and media temporality.


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