MedienWelten / Media Studies

Bender, Cora

Cora Bender, Universität Bremen, Germany


Bräuchler, Birgit

Birgit Bräuchler, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Germany


Dombrowski, Julia

Julia Dombrowski (Dr.), born 1975, studied Cultural Anthropology/Ethnology at the University of Hamburg and did her Ph.D. with Dorle Dracklé on the subject of online dating at the University of Bremen. After many years of working with refugees, she has...


Dracklé, Dorle

Dorle Dracklé is Professor for Social Anthropology at the University of Bremen, Germany. She does fieldwork in Portugal, the US and Germany on bureaucracy, virtual economy, corruption and the European Union, E-Government and diversity. Her research...


Dreßler, Angela

Angela Dreßler, independent author, Germany and Great Britain


Fernandes Ferreira, Eliane

Eliane Fernandes Ferreira (PhD), born 1971, is anthropologist and worked as researcher at the Department of Anthropology and Cultural Research at the University of Bremen in Germany. She studied the perception of environment and nature among citizens of...


Hinkelbein, Oliver

Oliver Hinkelbein, Universität Bremen, Germany

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