Contemporary Literature / Literary Studies

Basler, Sebastian

Sebastian Basler lives in Karlsruhe and teaches English and Spanish. He studied at Universität Konstanz.


Dieckmann, Letizia

Letizia Dieckmann , born 1988, lives in Berlin. The literary scholar received her doctorate from the University of Freiburg, where she was awarded the Alumni Prize for her research on literary depictions of dementia. Her research focuses on literary...


Gehrlein, Christina

Christina Gehrlein , born in 1976, is a literary studies scholar and works as a writer, producer and educator with a focus on radio/audio. After her graduation in literary studies and political science at Universität Mannheim, she spent a year at the...


Germer, Saskia

Saskia Germer , born in 1986, is a research assistant at the Institute for Romance Studies at the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg.


Schmitz, Rahel Sixta

Rahel Sixta Schmitz , born in 1991, earned her doctorate in cultural studies at the Justus Liebig University in Giessen, Germany in 2020. Her research focuses on Gothic fiction across all narrative media, especially Gothic in the late twentieth and...


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