Literalität und Liminalität / Literary Studies

Bähr, Christine

Christine Bähr, Universität Trier, Germany


Baumann, Isabell Eva

Isabell Baumann (Dr. phil.), born 1984, teaches and conducts research at the Luxembourg Centre for Educational Testing at Universität Luxemburg. She is also an associate member of the Institute for German Language, Literature and Interculturality. Her...


Bauschmid, Suse

Suse Bauschmid, DFG project »Historische Syntax des Jiddischen«, Germany


Beljan, Magdalena

Magdalena Beljan, Max Planck Institute for Human Development Berlin, Germany


Bloch, Natalie

Natalie Bloch, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg


Dotzler, Bernhard J.

Bernhard J. Dotzler, Universität Regensburg, Germany


Elberfeld, Jens

Jens Elberfeld (M.A.) teaches and researches at the Ruhr University Bochum on the history of childhood, the history of the body and sexuality, and the history of therapization.

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