English and American Literature Studies / Literary Studies

Haar, Rebecca

Rebecca Haar studierte Neuere Deutsche Literaturwissenschaft, Medienwissenschaft und Musikwissenschaft an der Universität Tübingen. Ihre Forschungsschwerpunkte sind Medien- und Filmtheorien, Mediengeschichte, Game Studies sowie Comicforschung.


Haas, Gerrit

Gerrit Haas was awarded a joint PhD from FU Berlin and UWA. His post-doctoral research interests comprise constellations, hacking literature, and discursive iconicity. Born and bred in Düsseldorf, he currently lives and works in Berlin.


Hartner, Marcus

Marcus Hartner is a senior lecturer in English studies at Universität Bielefeld. He is an associate member and former principal investigator of the Collaborative Research Centre 1288 »Practices of Comparing« funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG)....


Heinze, Rüdiger

Rüdiger Heinze (Prof. Dr.) teaches American Literature and Culture at TU Braunschweig. His research focuses on transmedial storytelling, dystopian thinking, and literatures of migration.


Henneberg, Julian

Julian Henneberg , born in 1981, earned his doctorate from the Graduate School of North American Studies at Freie Universität Berlin. He lives and works in Berlin.


Hirschfelder, Nicole

Nicole Hirschfelder (Dr.) is an associate professor at the American studies department at the University of Tübingen and an associate member of the Collaborative Research Center (Sonderforschungsbereich) 923 "Threatened Order – Societies Under Stress"....


Hoffmann, Lukas

Lukas Hoffmann (PhD) is head of studies and teaches narratology at the Academy of Performing Arts BW. His research interests include contemporary literature, narrative ethics, reader-response criticism, and post-theory.

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