Wolf, Birgit

Birgit Wolf, Museologin, Germany


Wolters, Christine

Christine Wolters, Hannover Medical School, Germany


Woschech, Anke

Anke Woschech, Dresden Universität Technology, Germany


Yildirim, Lale

Lale Yildirim (Dr. phil.) is a research associate at the Department of Didactics of the History of the Friedrich Meinecke Institute at Freie Universität Berlin and conducts empirical research on the topics of migration society, theory and practice of...


Yonay, Yuval

Yuval Yonay is a professor of Sociology at the University of Haifa. He specializes in sociology of knowledge, Palestinian-Israeli relationships, queer theory, and the history of »homosexuality« and gays in Palestine/Israel from 1940 to 1975.


Zachmann, Karin

Karin Zachmann (PhD) is Professor of History of Technology at the Technical University of Munich. She is known for her scholarship on engineering professions and technical education, history of consumption, and gender history.


Zaddach, Wolf-Georg

Wolf-Georg Zaddach , born in 1985, teaches in the field of Popular Musicology and Cultural/Music Management at the University of Music Franz Liszt Weimar and the British and Irish Modern Music Institute Berlin (BIMM Berlin). His research and publications...


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