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Barsch, Sebastian

Sebastian Barsch, born in 1975, received his doctorate in history and its didactics at the University of Cologne and has been Professor of Didactics of History at the Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel since 2016. His research focuses on diversity and...


Harsch, Georg Felix

Georg Felix Harsch is a research associate with the document edition »The Persecution and Murder of the European Jews by Nazi Germany, 1933-1945« published by Leibniz Institut für Zeitgeschichte München-Berlin. He was a freelance translator and worked for...


Heß, Judith

Judith Heß studied and received her doctorate at University of Mannheim. After an academic traineeship at the Historical Museum of the Palatinate she conceptualized her dissertation about the historical perception of the First World War.


Kelly, Natasha A.

Natasha A. Kelly has a PhD in Communication Studies and Sociology with a research focus on visual communication, colonialism and feminism. The author, artist, curator and lecturer has taught at universities in Germany and Austria. Her numerous...


Kirschbaum, Jan Niko

Jan Niko Kirschbaum , born 1985, resides in Wuppertal and focuses his studies of the history of the 20th century on the culture of remembrance.


Krüger, Kai

Kai Krüger is working as a teacher at a community school in Berlin. He studied history and physics, was a lecturer and did his PhD at the history didactics department at Freie Universität Berlin.


Kühberger, Christoph

Christoph Kühberger , born in 1975, is a university professor of history education and civic education at the department of history at Universität Salzburg. He researches the reception of products of the historical culture as well as historical and...

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