1800 | 2000. Kulturgeschichten der Moderne / History

Bänziger, Peter-Paul

Peter-Paul Bänziger , PhD, is a senior researcher at the Department of History, University of Basel. His main areas of research are body history, media history, history of knowledge, and economic history.


Becker, Peter

Peter Becker, University of Vienna, Austria


Becker, Tobias

Tobias Becker, Friederich-Meinecke-Institut Free Universität Berlin, Germany


Beljan, Magdalena

Magdalena Beljan, Max Planck Institute for Human Development Berlin, Germany


Borutta, Manuel

Manuel Borutta, Ruhr University Bochum, Germany


Eder, Franz X.

Franz X. Eder, University of Vienna, Austria


Eitler, Pascal

Pascal Eitler (PhD) researches at the Max Plank Institute for Education Research in Berlin on 19th and 20th Century history of emotion and the body, on the history of animals in modernity and on the contemporary history of the self.

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