Abend, Pablo

Pablo Abend (PhD) is the scientific coordinator of the Research School »Locating Media« at the University of Siegen. He is interested in geomedia, situated methodologies, participatory culture, and Science and Technology Studies.


Al-Hamarneh, Ala

Ala Al-Hamarneh focuses on urban development, geopolitics, migration and political economy of tourism and higher education in the Arab World.


Amelang, Katrin

Katrin Amelang (Dr.) is a senior researcher at the Department for Anthropology and Cultural Research, University of Bremen. She works on the cultural dimension of algorithms, data and software.


Ameli, Najine

Najine Ameli (Dr. phil.), born 1980, studied integrated industrial design in Coburg, and arts and design studies in Duisburg-Essen. She worked as a research fellow at the department of sustainable development at Hochschule Bochum. Her dissertation was...


Augustin, Hanna

Hanna Augustin works in the field of urban renewal in Bremen. For her Phd she was affiliated to the department of human geography at Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main and funded by Hans-Böckler Foundation. Her research interests include urban studies...


Baumann, Christoph

Christoph Baumann (M.A.), born in 1984, studied amongst other things Geography, German Studies, Philosophy and Media Studies. The focus of his research is in the area of cultural geography and geographical education.


Bauriedl, Sybille

Sybille Bauriedl (Prof. Dr.), born 1967, is a professor for integrative geography at Europa-Universität Flensburg. Her research and teaching focusses on social-ecological transformation, feminist geographies, solidarity-oriented urban development,...

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