Pedagogy / Education Studies

Ackermann, Timo

Timo Ackermann (Dr. phil.) does research on child welfare system for more than ten years, he teaches at Alice Salomon Hochschule Berlin as visiting professor, he completed his dissertation at University of Hildesheim. His research topics are: Child...


Allert, Heidrun

Heidrun Allert (Prof. Dr.) is a full professor for media education and educational computer science at Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel. Her research focusses on understanding creativity, design and software development as sociomaterial practices,...


Anusiewicz-Baer, Sandra

Sandra Anusiewicz-Baer is the coordinator of the conservative/Masorti Rabbinical Seminary in Berlin, the Zacharias Frankel College. In her dissertation (Humboldt University Berlin) she analyses the experience of the alumni of the Jewish High School in...


Artamonova, Olga V.

Olga V. Artamonova , born in 1986, is a sociolinguist, living and doing her research on the importance of ethnicity and polylanguaging in German schools.


Asmussen, Michael

Michael Asmussen (M.A.) is research assistant at the department of education science at Kiel University.


Audehm, Kathrin

Kathrin Audehm (Prof. Dr.), born in 1968, teaches pedagogy with focus on education and heterogeneity at the department of education and social sciences at the University of Cologne. Her research areas are anthropology and ethnography in education,...


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