Theory and History of Education / Education Studies

Ahrens, Sönke

Sönke Ahrens, Universität Hamburg, Germany


Aktas, Ulas

Ulas Aktas, Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, Germany


Audehm, Kathrin

Kathrin Audehm (Prof. Dr.), born in 1968, teaches pedagogy with focus on education and heterogeneity at the department of education and social sciences at the University of Cologne. Her research areas are anthropology and ethnography in education,...


Babenhauserheide, Melanie

Melanie Babenhauserheide is a lecturer at the Faculty of Educational Science, Bielefeld University, Germany. She received her doctorate from Goethe University Frankfurt and has been honored for her doctoral thesis with the Peter Lang Award for Young...


Beaugrand, Andreas

Andreas Beaugrand (Prof. Dr. phil., M.A.), born in 1960, is professor of Theory of Design and was Vice President for Studies and Teaching at Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences from 2008-2016. He is the author of numerous contributions to...


Bergold-Caldwell, Denise

Denise Bergold-Caldwell (Dr. phil.), born 1973, is academic director of the Center for Gender Studies and Feminist Futures Studies at Philipps-Universität Marburg. She has a doctorate in educational science and teaches with a focus on postcolonial and...


Bilgi, Oktay

Oktay Bilgi (Dr. phil.), born in 1982, is a research assistant at the Department for Education and Social Sciences at Universität zu Köln. His main research interests lie in the area of theory formation in early childhood education, aesthetic education in...

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