Cultural Studies

Witthaus, Jan-Henrik

Jan-Henrik Witthaus (Dr. habil.) is Professor of Hispanic Cultural and Literary Studies at Kassel University.


Wodianka, Stephanie

Stephanie Wodianka , born in 1971, is Professor for French and Italian Literature at Rostock University. She was the spokesperson of the graduate school »Cultural Encounters and the Discourses of Scholarship« as well as of the university's Department...


Wohler, Ulrike

Ulrike Wohler, sociologist, Germany


Wohlleben, Doren

Doren Wohlleben, Philipps-Universität Marburg, Germany


Wohlmann, Anita

Anita Wohlmann (PhD) is a postdoctoral researcher at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany. As of November 2017, she will be Assistant Professor of Literature and Narrative Medicine at the University of Southern Denmark. Her research project »Body...


Woitkowski, Felix

Felix Woitkowski , born 1985, is a research associate at the Institute for German Studies of the University of Kassel and researches linguistic, didactic and media science topics.


Woldan, Alois

Alois Woldan (PhD), born in 1954, is full professor of Slavic literatures at the University of Vienna, Austria. His fields of research are Polish and Ukrainian literature, comparative Slavic literature and literary life in Austrian Galicia.


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