Cultural Studies

Baecker, Dirk

Dirk Baecker, Zeppelin Universität Friedrichshafen, Germany


Bähr, Christine

Christine Bähr, Universität Trier, Germany


Bahrs, Karoline

Karoline Bahrs, University of Pittsburgh/PA, USA


Baier, Andrea

Andrea Baier, anstiftung, Munich, Germany


Bal, Ewa

Ewa Bal , born in 1973, is an associate professor of performance studies at Jagellonian University in Krakow (Poland) and a visiting professor at Sapienza University of Rome, University of Teramo (Italy) and University of Barcelona (Spain). She published...


Balgar, Karsten

Karsten Balgar is a member of »Chimaira – Arbeitskreis für Human-Animal Studies«, a transdisciplinary international research group based in Berlin, facilitating a range of projects focussing on the relationship of humans and non-human animals from a...


Balke, Gregor

Gregor Balke (Dr. rer. pol.), born in 1981, studied sociology and philosophy at Universität Potsdam, and earned his doctorate there in the Department of Sociology. His research interests include popular culture and media sociology.


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