Transdisciplinary Studies in Popular Culture / Cultural Studies

Flath, Beate

Beate Flath (Jun.-Prof. Dr.) is junior professor for event management with a focus on popular music, media and sports at the University of Paderborn.


Goer, Charis

Charis Goer (Dr. phil.) is Assistant Professor of German Literature and Culture at the University of Utrecht, Netherlands, and spokeswoman of the Working Group on Popular Culture and Media in the Society for Media Studies.


Heinrich, Ina

Ina Heinrich , born 1991, ist working as a research assistant at Universität Paderborn. She studied mulitlingual communication and popular music studies in Cologne and Paderborn.


Jacke, Christoph

Christoph Jacke (Prof. Dr.) is Professor of Theory, Aesthetics and History of Popular Music, Head of the Popular Music and Media (BA/MA) program at the University of Paderborn and, among other things, Chair of the German-speaking branch of the...


Klingmann, Heinrich

Heinrich Klingmann (Prof. Dr.) is professor for music education with a special focus on inclusion at Universität Paderborn. After graduating with a degree in jazz and popular music from the Mannheim University of Music and Performing Arts he taught latin...


Momen Pour Tafreshi, Maryam

Maryam Momen Pour Tafreshi (M.A.), born 1992, is a master's graduate of popular music and media studies at Universität Paderborn and works there as a research assistant in the BMBF project »kulturPreis« at the department of music.


Ptatscheck, Melanie

Melanie Ptatscheck, Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln, Germany

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