Medical Humanities / Cultural Studies

Berner, Boel

Boel Berner is a sociologist, historian, and professor emerita at Linköping University in Sweden. In her research she investigates the character and power of expertise, historically and today. She has studied education and work, the gendered nature of...


Björkman, Maria

Maria Björkman (PhD), born in 1974, is a researcher in history of medicine at Uppsala University, Sweden. She specializes in the fields of history of eugenics, genetics, and urology.


Egen, Christoph

Christoph Egen (degreed social and educational scientist) works as a clinic manager and researcher in the department of rehabilitation medicine at Medizinische Hochschule Hannover and is a lecturer at the Institute of Special Education at Leibniz...


Görgen, Arno

Arno Görgen (Dr.), born 1977, is a research assistant in the SNF-Ambizione project »Horror – Game – Politics« at Hochschule der Künste Bern and is doing his second doctorate on the topic of »Medicalization in Digital Horror Games«. The cultural historian...


Inthorn, Julia

Julia Inthorn (Dr. phil.) is director of the Center for Ethics of Health Care Hannover. She has been a researcher and teacher in ethics of health care and is a member of the Main Ethics Commission of the German Medical Association.


Leiß, Ottmar

Ottmar Leiß (Prof. MD), born 1948, is a doctor for internal medicine and gastroenterology. He received his doctorate and formal admission as an academic lecturer at the medical clinic of Universität Bonn and worked at the department of gastroenterology of...


Liggins, Arlena Siobhan

Arlena Siobhan Liggins completed her doctorate in Anthropology at the University of Bayreuth in 2018. She works as a Scientific Officer at the DLR Project Management Agency within the field of Global Health.

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